University of California, Davis: Medical School, 1979 -1983

University of California, San Diego: Surgical Internship, Biomechanics Research and Orthopedic Residency, 1983 -1989

Sports Medicine/Knee and Shoulder Fellowship, 1989 -1990

Richard Steadman MD, Fellowship Director / Knee specialty (8 months)

US Ski Team Physician, Portillo, Chile Training Camp (1 month)

Traveling Fellowship (3 months);

Richard Hawkins MD (Shoulder)
James Andrews, MD (Shoulder, Elbow, Knee)

Board Certified: American Board of Orthopedic Surgery

ABOS Subspecialty Board Certification: Sports Medicine, 11 / 2009

(test score ranking: 97th percentile)

Fellow American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery

California Orthopedic Association

I have not included research, publications, or presentations here as these have minimal importance to clinical practice. Similarly, I do not join societies merely for listing purposes.
We know the human knowledge doubling time is now approaching 1 year. What we do today has little to do with how we did it 10-20 years ago. Continuing medical education is everything. Interestingly, some of my best educational experiences garner no CME units. The most valuable learning experiences are site visits with the surgical innovators themselves, working with them in the operating room on emerging techniques.
It is difficult for both the physician and the general public to know where we stand among our peers. I am thus happy with my sports specialty test scoring as one objective barometer of specialty competence.

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