Practice Profile

Central Coast Orthopedics

A 9-man orthopedic group serving San Luis Obispo and northern Santa Barbara Co. with offices in San Luis Obispo, Pismo Beach and Santa Maria. My partners include Drs. Blackburn, Castello, Fryer, Kasper, Laird, Schueckler, Spoo and Woods.

I am part of this group for a number of reasons:

  1. We will collectively review challenging cases, effectively providing multiple opinions internally. As a group, we also provide internal self-review, assuring the highest quality of care to our patients. We don’t have “lone guns” practicing “under the radar”.
  2. Our subspecialty interests provide a “one-stop” resource for the highest level of back, shoulder, hand, hip, knee and ankle care.
  3. We care about our community, and support our Emergency Rooms with trauma care for your complete family: children to grandparents.

These resources are not available as an independent provider, and make me proud to be part of this group.

My Practice

My practice is about athletes. Teenagers to seniors. Cal Poly’s best to the retired banker still hoping to golf his age. They all want the same thing; “get me back in my game.” Not just “back,” but back by the fastest means possible, and ideally, performing better than pre-injury. If a rehabilitation program may work, this is always our first option. If surgery is required, microsurgical, arthroscopic techniques can offer improved results and faster recoveries. These techniques are the core of my practice. I was lucky to have the opportunity to train with some of the most accomplished sports medicine surgeons in the world. My goal has always been to bring this same level of expert care to my local athletes. I am proud to be the selected head team physician for our local university, college and largest high school.

I practice orthopedics with a strong sub-specialty emphasis on shoulder and knee conditions. My practice is broken into three patient groups; 1) young athletes, 2) middle aged athletes and 3) seniors, also hoping to remain athletic.


These more elite athletes typically present with shoulder problems often related to instability; dislocations, “slap” and labral tears, A/C separations and internal impingement in throwers. Knee injuries often involve ligaments (ACL,PCL,MCL), meniscal cartilage tears or patella instability (pain or dislocation). Finally, I’m treating more hip joint tears of the labrum, particularly in soccer and football players. Surgical repairs for the above conditions are usually arthroscopic and performed in a day-stay, outpatient setting.


This is my roughly 40-60 year old group. Shoulder problems near universally involve the rotator cuff with impingement, partial and/or complete tears. Frozen shoulder also occurs, more commonly in women. As with the younger athletes, these conditions are treated with rehabilitation, and if necessary, arthroscopic surgical repair as outpatients.
Knee problems usually involve meniscus tears or early arthritis. These can be my most challenging patients. We explore the best cartilage preserving, transfer or re-growth techniques. If replacement is necessary, minimally invasive partial knee replacements are considered.


My practice is geared toward the more athletically demanding senior. Replacement alternatives are explored and if replacement is required, we will use the strongest, least invasive option available. I do see a number of patients with end stage shoulder disease. Anatomic and Reverse replacements are treatment options. Knee replacement options include mobile bearing partial replacements and Rotating Platform total replacements. When hip replacement is required, I prefer the anterior approach.

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