Personal Profile


Eve Devine (wife)
Sarah Devine (daughter)
Jake Devine (son)

Eve and I decided to live, work and raise our family in the San Luis Obispo area – for all the right reasons. We love the outdoors, the ocean, and our area’s expansive undeveloped areas.

Eve continues to be an avid horsewoman. She loves all types of riding and continues to compete in stadium jumping.

Sarah has finished law school and is working in Hawaii, with a special interest in environmental law. She shares her parents’ love of the ocean and outdoors and is loving Hawaii.

Jake has graduated from UC Davis, majoring in animal science/nutrition. He is currently working in a genetics lab and is applying to grad schools. An accomplished horseman, he also enjoys snowboarding, wakeboarding, and beach volleyball.

My Activities (when I’m not standing on a sideline)


Beach Volleyball

Golf (I’m proud to say I’m not very accomplished here. My feeling is that if you’re a good golfer, you’re spending too much time golfing!)

Medical Aid

My high school experience was strongly influenced by participating in Amigos de Las Americas, a medical outreach group. I spent every summer working in rural clinics in Honduras, Guatemala, Columbia and Ecuador. More recently I joined the medical response to Haiti working with Scott Nelson, MD at the Adventist Hospital in Port-au-Prince.

I support the local community with Emergency Room call, Free Clinic support and by serving as the volunteer orthopedic surgeon for the Cal Poly Health Center.

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