Team MD

Head Team Physician, Cal Poly State University (18 years)

Head Team Physician, Cuesta Community College (22 years)

Head Team Physician, Arroyo Grande High School (22 years)

Primary Orthopedic Consultant, The PIT, Mixed Martial Arts

Prior Team Physician, US Olympic Ski Team

Prior participating physician, AVP Pro Volleyball

Primary Orthopedic Consultant to multiple local athletic club teams (Club rugby, lacrosse, Blues Baseball, etc.)

Although I have the pleasure to be the selected team orthopedic surgeon for many of our more elite local athletes, my practice is not limited to just these players or these institutions. I treat higher demand individuals of all ages.

Concerning the injured student athlete, many parents ask “Where should my son or daughter receive their surgical care?

I have a simple answer for this question: Get their surgical care where they will be living during the rehabilitation period. If taking time off from school, they should go home and get well. The orthopedic standard of care is very high and their surgical care will be very similar, regardless of site. If staying in school and returning to athletics here, seriously consider surgery here. This has the distinct advantage of integrated rehabilitation and return to sport, with closer communication between all providers: surgeon, therapist, trainers and coach.

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